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Author Topic: i gots new computer so we can do it again  (Read 1529 times)

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trainwreck of thought

« on: August 11, 2010, 02:36:07 PM »

I had this dell for some months now. so i can restart the prodject. though maybe with a re-haul? I feel bad saying "hey fans, let us do this, but I'm going to go on a hunt for possible voice actoes, then we can all vote on their aduditions or I'll be the judge of that.

one problem

1) I do have all my files, but I'm ultra pissed that soundsnap is now a membership site. but hey, my oldschool account lets me have 5 free D.L a month

2) I don't know if acidplanet is the deviantart of music. I've yet to go back and bug people "can I use your music, I'll totaly give you credit and link to your page"

3)no moviemaking program. the good guy in me says "buy it buy it" or "download a freebie" the bad guy in me says "go to pirate bay, go to those people you know who have Premier!"

4) with #1 and #3 I don't know how to cheat it and take the sounds. the membership helps pay for the server. but oh god, the quality they have, and the bazillion sound effect library. has garbage, and all other free sound sites are even more crap

5) mediaconverter can help me get some animal sounds

6) I'm almost tempted to add minor animations

7)I forget, the lack of photoshop is one.

Cool i've been in the mood to do more fighting(like telling 13 yr olds they are idiots for filling out fetish memes on furafannity and making fun of their 18 year old internet mates) than good stuff. and facebook. hey lets make a nofna facebook page.

9)hauling my files off  a disk

10)not all pannals are choped up.

i am on your fourm, isn't that fantastic?
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