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Author Topic: (About This Forum)  (Read 2970 times)
Zachary Braun

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« on: February 23, 2008, 12:21:56 AM »

The concept for Nature of Nature's Art was created some time ago. I kept it in the background to pursue other projects, and only recently brought it to the foreground as 10%+. It was meant to be a fun exercise in oekaki comic making, but as I continued it, I realized my passion for the setting had never left me, and I went ahead full-force.

NofNA is about human pathos in an in-depth, non-human setting (for now). It can be confusing at times, since I enjoy adding technical details that can lend luster to its world. If you see something that spikes your curiosity, or have an outright question, thought, or inspiration, post a topic here. It should be noted that I'm pretty busy, so I might not be able to reply right away. As such, I hope readers will be able to offer their own insights to each other.

The entire premise of NofNA is based on a contingency that something in this planet's distant past did not happen. In that theme, I don't think readers should discredit their own (or others'!) observations and conceptions just because they might not appear in the strip itself. Anything could happen, that anyone could reasonably conceive. Especially in this world.

Thanks for reading!
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